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Forest Hills Montessori School

The mission of Forest Hills Montessori School is to provide both creative and stimulating intellectual, artistic, and developmental experiences for children ages 2-12. 

Montessori Education in Forest Hills, NY

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Our preschool classes cater to 2-5 year-olds, focusing on Montessori's approach of freedom within limits. Unlike conventional preschools, Montessori incorporates the environment as a third teacher, alongside the traditional teacher-to-child or teacher-to-group methods.

Pre K

Our classrooms enable self-learning through discovery, with mixed-age groups allowing younger children to learn from older peers and vice versa. This approach fosters both learning and teaching opportunities among children of different ages.


The Forest Hills Montessori School prioritizes individual, paced development according to Montessori principles, offering an adaptive curriculum that promotes self-mastery, understanding, and confidence through meaningful activities.


Dr. Montessori's approach is centered on children's developmental needs for structured freedom. She devised specialized materials and methods tailored to children's interests and requirements through meticulous observation.


 In a Montessori classroom, hands-on learning and the cultivation of practical life skills take center stage. This approach promotes independence and recognizes children as inherently curious and capable of self-initiated learning when placed in a supportive and well-prepared educational environment.

About Montessori Education

At Forest Hills Montessori School, preschool classes for 2-5 year-olds are centered around the Montessori method, prioritizing freedom within structured limits and incorporating the environment as a crucial educational element.


This approach allows children to learn through self-discovery and peer interaction in mixed-age groups, fostering self-discipline, independence, and enthusiasm.


The curriculum includes practical life exercises to develop and refine fine and gross motor skills. This helps to develop coordination and gain independence. Sensorial materials are designed to encourage and engage children in discrimination and order. This helps children to make abstract distinctions by activating their five senses of sight, touch, smell and taste.


Language activities include the phonetic approach, writing and reading readiness, both visual and auditory. Math, for problem solving and logical thinking, transitioning from the concrete to the abstract.  Science, social studies, music, French and yoga are all included in the curriculum.

Lower School (Pre K)

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Our Elementary program continues with the Montessori philosophy offering mixed grade classes that allows each child to progress individually, aligning with and extending beyond New York's curriculum standards through diverse programs and methods.


The curriculum includes Math, Reading, Writing, Language, Science, History, Art (STEAM), French, Music, Yoga, and Gym. Public speaking is encouraged by developing the student's interpersonal skills through Peer Tutoring and student teaching.


Science is an integral part of the curriculum covering biology, human anatomy etc. We encourage exploration through observation, hypothesizing and experimental analysis.


Each student aims to build a robust foundation and knowledge and skills.

Upper School (K-6)

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For prospective parents interested in learning more about Montessori education, consider the following suggested reading list:

  1. "Teaching Montessori in the Home: The School Years" by Elizabeth G. Hainstock - A guide for parents looking to integrate Montessori methods at home for school-aged children.

  2. "Montessori: A Modern Approach" by Paula Polk Lillard - This book provides an overview of the Montessori philosophy and its application in the modern educational landscape.

  3. "Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work" by E.M. Standing - An in-depth look at Maria Montessori's life, her development of the Montessori method, and its lasting impact.

Suggested Reading

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Sabrina M.

Love this school!!!! Excellent teachers! Small class sizes


Sandra S.

Very nice school, great teachers!!! My son loves it. It's just how a school should be!!! Recommend!


Dennis Aronov

Forest Hills Montessori School has shaped me into the person I am today. It taught me to be independent, hard working and resilient. The excellent curriculum prepared me with a good work ethic for middle school and beyond. I am so grateful even all these years later to have been able to start all the way at the beginning with Ms. Motiani to sixth grade with Mrs. Carson.