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Our school's music program is meticulously designed to nurture the musical talents and interests of our students, with a curriculum that evolves alongside their growth and development. Starting from the very basics for our younger students to more advanced concepts and instruments for the older children, our music program aims to instill a deep appreciation and understanding of music in all its forms.


For the younger ones, the journey into the world of music begins with the fundamentals of music theory. Simple concepts such as rhythm, pitch, and dynamics are introduced through interactive lessons that involve symbols, bells, and sticks. These hands-on activities are not only engaging but also effective in helping the children grasp the basic elements of music. 



As our students progress to higher grades, the music program expands to include learning how to play various instruments, including the recorder, ukulele, and drums. 


Head of School: Sunlia Tejpaul


67-04 Austin Street

Forest Hills, NY 11375

Prospective parents interested in our program are invited to complete the form on our website to arrange a visit and experience our unique learning environment firsthand.


This initial step will provide an opportunity to see our methods and facilities and engage with our educational community.

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