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Forest Hills Montessori School's yoga program is an embodiment of our commitment to holistic education, focusing on the physical, mental, and emotional development of our students across all age groups. Recognizing the profound benefits of yoga, we have integrated this practice into our curriculum to offer a comprehensive approach to health and well-being that extends beyond traditional physical education.

In essence, our yoga program is designed not just as an extracurricular activity but as an integral part of our educational philosophy. By embracing yoga's holistic benefits, we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the tools to navigate the complexities of life with grace, resilience, and a deep sense of inner balance.


Head of School: Sunlia Tejpaul


67-04 Austin Street

Forest Hills, NY 11375

Prospective parents interested in our program are invited to complete the form on our website to arrange a visit and experience our unique learning environment firsthand.


This initial step will provide an opportunity to see our methods and facilities and engage with our educational community.

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